Welcome to Moontime! Allow me to introduce myself…


I’m Mike Kitchen, founder and owner of Moontime Crepes. Born in New Hampshire, I have been working in kitchens since I was 12: dishwasher, line cook, you name it. With a last name like mine, I learned early on that some things are just meant to be. As you may have guessed by the “everything” about my company, the band Widespread Panic has been the inspiration for both my life and my restaurant.

We all have something that means a lot to us, and I’m grateful that I found my calling early on. A lot of people ask me, “why crepes?”. Well….I guess there’s a few reasons there. First of all, I know better than to go toe-to-toe with taco trucks in Denver, I’ve never been much of a burger guy and, like the music I love, I knew I needed to be different. I made my first crepe in 2005 and loved everything about it: the taste, the process, the unique-ness. I was sold. I knew I had an opportunity to provide a superior product using fresh, local and organic ingredients. So, when the time was right, I set set to go and leave my mark and introduced Moontime Crepes to the world.

I bought a tent, a crepe spinner and some Nutella and started off at farmer’s markets across Colorado. I sold my first crepe in 2016 to a couple who had just returned from an extended European vacation (no pressure, right?). When they told me it was better than any crepe they’d had overseas, I knew I was on the right path and never looked back. After all, all the marketing in the world does nothing if the product isn’t great. The compliments kept coming. Customers turned into repeat customers and soon, I had a regular “gig” at Stem Ciders in the afternoons. I would grind my heart out until closing time.

Around this time, a friend of mine helped me find the perfect food truck and worked with me on payments so that I could get Moontime’s name out there more by selling at more places. The love I got from fellow food trucks was absolutely unbelievable. I had something that no one else had, and people loved it. As a result of all of the good feedback, I was invited to my first Taste of Colorado in 2017 and grew steadily from there.

My plan has always been to open multiple locations. So, in 2017, when I was approached by the folks opening Edgewater Public Market to open a storefront there, I jumped at the opportunity. It meant a lot to me that they came to me because they’d had my food and wanted it in their venue. Nearly two years later, Moontime opened the doors to its first storefront restaurant in Edgewater Public Market. Since, we’ve expanded to catering and private events. We still keep the food truck running steadily and are considering adding to the fleet.

If there is one thing I want my customers or potential customers to know, its that I’ve poured my heart and soul into this business. We provide a fresh, unique product from the friendliest staff around. They say if you can get a customer, you’re doing well and if you can get a repeat customer, they’ll be a customer for life. We thrive on repeat business. If you come to my truck or to my storefront, I can promise you you’ll return…again and again. For that, I am grateful and look forward to many more years “living the Moontime.”



Mike Kitchen