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What is the Process of Catering an Event?

An event caterer’s job is to provide food for events. Event caterers are skilled professionals who plan and assemble exquisite menus, professionally handle the logistics, and provide excellent customer service. Event catering is generally done to entertain guests, provide meals for an office party, or at a public event. The term “event” is commonly used to refer to any organized gathering, function, ceremony, or celebration (including sporting events) where food is served in some form.

Catering an event involves much more than simply preparing the meal for your guests – it also includes:

1. Select suppliers and evaluate the site of your event before submitting a proposal to a prospective client.

Its important to adequately vet 3rd party vendors, for larger events that require more extensive coordination between service providers. Selecting a reliable venue and menu also goes a long way towards ensuring a successful catered event.

Whenever a proposal is required to be made, the first thing to do is evaluate your event’s venue. A proper site evaluation will save you time and effort when preparing your proposal. If, for example, your purpose is to hold a seminar at a hotel, you’d want to pay attention to things like:

  • The venue’s location and its surrounding environment
  • The venue’s capacity and technical facilities are available
  • The organizing committee’s requirements
  • The cost of renting the venue

2. Interview the client to ask questions about their preferences.

An event organizer must ensure their clients are delighted with their services. The following are some frequently asked questions by event organizers:

  • The purpose of the event
  • The number of guests
  • The budget and what the budget can cover
  • The purpose, theme, and main ingredients of the event’s menu
  • Determine if you can provide services that match their requirements and standards

Beware of catering companies that lack experience and a proven track record of excellent service. Check out their online reviews and as for references if there is any doubt about their catering credentials before booking!

3. Arranging accurate quotes, cost templates, food selections, and beverage options.

This step spans around one month, during which you’ll receive proposals from different suppliers. It is important to note that even if you choose a supplier who offers the best of their services, they may provide a low estimate due to the type of event and number of guests they intend on serving. Cutting costs without sacrificing quality is sometimes necessary to stay within budget.

A professional caterer will be able to provide accurate quotes once all of your requirements are specified. All quotes will be based on the menu and venue of the event.

4. Extensive research about your suppliers’ methods, products, and service availability for food safety.

The caterer’s job is to serve your guests well, but that doesn’t mean they should create a health risk situation for your attendees or guests. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly research the suppliers you are looking to hire and their standards when it comes to meeting food safety regulations. This step is the most crucial one. By knowing your suppliers’ food safety standards, you will be able to ensure their services are delivered in line with the requirement laid by your organization.

Proper research on a supplier’s service and qualifications should be carried out to avoid disappointment when it comes time to serve your guests.

5. Negotiating contract terms to fit both parties’ needs before receiving final approval from the client.

Professional catering companies will always follow up and confirm with the organizer till the end of the catering services, even after a successful event. Event catering in Denver can be technically challenging and requires sufficient time to ensure that all aspects of food safety have been addressed. So be sure to book your next catering event early enough to adequately handle logistics specific to your particular event’s needs and enjoy the food!

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