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What Are Some Of The Most Popular Types of Crepes and Crepe Fillings?

Crepes are a type of thin, round, flat bread that is made with flour, milk, eggs, and water. Crepes are typically eaten as either savory or sweet foods. The most common filling is sweetened with sugar and fruit jams. The second most popular crepe filling is savory and usually contains vegetables or meat. In France, crepes are a symbol of France’s achievements related to both food and culture. The crepe is a trendy street food sold at street fairs, markets, and restaurants.

Crepes are one of France’s most delicious contributions to the culinary world. They originated in France. The exact places they were first made are unknown, but some likely spots were Brittany or Normandy. Crepes have been around for centuries, but the word itself dates back to only the late 15th century when it was first mentioned in records of Brittany. It was first used to describe food cooked on a flat pan at the bottom of a pot. A thinner, smaller version of this flatbread was called ‘pain de mie.’ As time progressed, cooks began making crepes from scratch and cooking them in special pans. The first written record of the word ‘crepe’ dates back to 1405 in France.

Most Popular Types of Crepes:

Coffee Crepes
These are the most common type of crepe. They are usually fragile and can be eaten as a dessert or appetizer. Some examples of coffee crepes include Nutella, strawberry, chocolate, strawberry, and coconut.

Fruit Crepes
These thin pancakes are typically made from a mix called ‘crepe batter.’ They are sometimes made with one type of fruit, while others can be almond, coconut, or vanilla. Sometimes they can be filled with vegetables or meat. Some examples of fruit crepes include mango, strawberry, and coconut.

Savory Crepes
These are thin pancakes that are typically made from a flour and milk mixture. Some savory crepes are filled with ham and cheese, while others are filled with veggies and can be topped with tomatoes or salad dressing. Famous savory crepes in the U.S include Swiss chard, beetroot, potato, onion, spinach, and mushroom.

Jewish Crepes
This crepe is made with eggs, flour, and water and cooked in a large frying pan. These pancakes are then folded in half and filled with cheese, a vegetable filling, or sweetened jam.

Stuffing Crepes
These are similar to the Jewish crepe but also have stuff inside them. These are often served during the holidays as a side dish. Some stuffing crepes include rice, corn, tomatoes, and different types of meat (turkey or venison).

Dessert Crepes
These crepes are made from a batter made with powdered sugar and eggs. The batter is cooked on a flat grill but can be cooked in the oven if a thin cake is desired. The crepe batter can be sweetened with sugar, honey, or chocolate syrup. Sweet crepes usually have fruit jams or whipped cream in them. Famous dessert crepes include peach and nectarine, strawberry, and chocolate.

Cheese and Onion Crepes
This crepe is made from a batter that includes breadcrumbs, cheese, and onion. They are served warm and are meant to be eaten as fast food or on the go. The main ingredients for this type of batter are breadcrumbs, onion powder, salt, and water. It is essential to use the correct breadcrumbs for an excellent results.

Vegetable Crepes
These thin pancakes are typically made from a mix called ‘crepe batter.’ They are sometimes made with one type of vegetable (spinach, potatoes, spinach, and carrot), while others can be filled with tomatoes, corn, or bell peppers. These can sometimes be topped with cheese, vegetables, or meat. Some examples of vegetable crepes include tomatoes, potatoes, and spinach.

Sweet Potato Crepes
These are similar to vegetable crepes but often have a sweet filling on the inside or added. These pancake batters also have cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar for a sweet meal.

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