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What Equipment Is Inside a Crepes Food Truck?

A crepes food truck that consistently delivers high quality crepes at a high volume must have the right equipment, for starters. The tools play an important role in ensuring that top-notch crepes are produced. The equipment must be designed to survive continuous and intensive use. It must be distinguished by high power and efficient temperature increase and maintenance. The following equipment is considered essential and commonly found in any commercial crepe food truck operation:

Cooking Equipment

When purchasing equipment for your crepes food truck, you should plan to spend most of your finances on cooking items., most notably on crepe spinners. The layout of a crepes truck is hard to master because you must adequately utilize your crepe food truck’s finite interior space to best ensure it has all of the necessary kitchenware, along with everything else! Give your most-used equipment more space, and stick with countertop options for appliances you’ll use for smaller amounts of food.

Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration equipment is necessary for maintaining recipes fresh on your crepes food truck. Set one aside for your ingredients and another one for the drinks. Similarly, you can have a smaller refrigerator for sauces and toppings. There are many types of refrigerators in the market coming in different styles and sizes. Therefore, select the one that suits your truck and occupies less space.

Cleaning Equipment

In any business, hygiene is very important as it eliminates health risks and makes the surroundings appealing to customers. Preserving a hygienic environment and adhering to health regulations is critical, so load up on all the cleaning equipment you require.

Provide the following cleaning supplies for your crepes food truck:

  • Sterilizing Chemicals: Sanitizing chemicals are available for both surfaces and kitchenware.
  • Cleaners and Scrubbers: You will need scrubbers and sponges to maintain your dishware and cooking utensils hygienically.
  • Trash and Liners: A sizable bin with many liners will retain your waste disposal space lovely and clean.
  • Hand Sink: A separate hand sink motivates your staff to develop hygienic practices while keeping your food safe.

Heating up and Holding Tools

These items are great for maintaining safe food temperatures for your customers. Crepes food truck warmers aid in the prevention of foodborne illnesses and safety inspection breaches while holding equipment maintains your menu options at enticing temperatures for your customers.

Food Truck Equipment

It would be best if you had various disposable serving tools because you will be serving people on the go most time. Ensure the items are adequate because if they are lacking, your activities for the day will be disrupted. Be sure to include the following serving supplies:

  • Serving Utensils: Ensure you have all the serving tools, including spoons and ladles. Likewise, they must be hygienic to prevent any food contamination.
  • Pump Condiment Dispenser: A pump condiment dispenser can be placed outside your truck for self-service or reasonable portion control.

If you are ready to start a crepes food truck business, one of the very first steps to take in the planning and preparation process is gathering price and operational information about the equipment you will need. Set priorities on space for your cooking equipment, but remember that you need space for disposables and prep supplies. Ensure you have all the above tools to enhance the smooth operation of your crepes food truck!

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