What Are Some Of The Most Popular Types of Crepes and Crepe Fillings?

Crepes are a type of thin, round, flat bread that is made with flour, milk, eggs, and water. Crepes are typically eaten as either savory or sweet foods. The most common filling is sweetened with sugar and fruit jams. The second most popular crepe filling is savory and usually contains vegetables or meat. In France, […]

So Whats In a Valentines Day Crepe?

For starters, lots of love! Because what’s a Valentines Day meal without that? It also needs to have chocolate in it, and other delectable sweets, and of course strawberries, maybe other red fruits like raspberries, cherries and apples.. and.. pomegranates? No, definitely not those :). It needs to be delicious.. and healthy. Just for you, […]